Best First Aid Kits – Ranked and Reviewed

Every household should have a first aid kit, because you never know when it can come in handy and even save your life. There are people who have several different first aid kits stored for all purposes. They have a first aid kit at home, in the office, in the car and in their backpack, ready for the next hiking or backpacking trip.

It’s always best to be prepared, and a first aid kit has everything you need to offer immediate help. In this article, I will share with you 10 of the best first aid kits today. It will be up to you to decide which one is best for you and your needs.

To make things easier, I will also explain the reasons to own a first aid kit and how to choose the kit that suits you and your needs. But first, let’s review the best first aid kits you can get today. For your convenience, every kit is linked to its Amazon page, where you can see additional reviews.

The Best First Aid Kits You Can Get

1. First Aid Only 298 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit

Being an Amazon’s Choice and with a score of 4.8/5 from more than 50,000 ratings, this is without a doubt one of the best kits around. It is lightweight, compact and easy to carry (9.25” x 2.87” x 7”).

The kit contains 298 essential supplies to help during emergency situations and treat injuries such as cuts, burns (minor burns, sun burns, abrasions) and swellings, and to treat and relive pain (headache, backache, common cold, muscle aches, arthritis). Can be used at home, the office, the outdoors, and anywhere you are.

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2. Lightning X First Responder EMT/EMS Backpack Stocked First Aid Supplies Kit B

This kit is ideal for various activities and events, such as camping, hiking, concerts, ball games, and more. It is lightweight and easy to carry (17.5” x 12.4” x 9.5”) and contains all the basic supplies for an outdoors emergency (CPR mask, trauma sheers, different types of gauzes, band-aids, antibiotic ointment, sting and bite relief pads, and so on).

The kit is also waterproof and resistant to abrasion. It even features a triple trim on the bottom as well as the top, which is made reflective for visibility and safety.

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3. Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit 326 Pieces

This pack can treat up to 100 people! It contains 326 pieces of first aid products and supplies, it’s approved by the FDA and meets the 100 guidelines of ANSI 2009 and OSHA. The kit is fully organized for quick and easy access and resistant to impact.

You can mount the kit on the wall, and when you open it, the interior shelves tilt for immediate use of the products. The kit can serve at the office, at home, during sports and outdoor activities, and more. The dimensions of the kit are 13” x 12” x 4”.

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4. Rescue Guard First Aid Kit Hurricane Disaster or Earthquake Emergency Survival Bug Out Bag Supplies for Families

This first aid kit is ideal for outdoor use and emergencies especially. The bag can support up to 4 people for 72 hours in any emergency situation, including earthquakes and hurricanes. The basic first aid supplies can last for up to 6 days. Among the included items are survival shelter for two, four safety respirators, a fire-starter, a small flashlight, four rain ponchos and thermal blankets.

The basic supplies, like bandages, tweezers, ointment, gauze pads and others, are also included. In addition, this kit contains purified water and food to help you survive until help and rescue arrives. The kit’s weight 3.52 ounces.

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5. Redfora Complete Earthquake Bag and other disasters

This kit is ideal for various disasters, such as earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. If you reside in an area prone to natural disasters, this kit is for you! The kit contains 107 pieces, which are the standard and basic supplies. But on top of that, you’ll also find inside 40 purification tablets, hygiene kits, a candle that burns for 30 hours, a water carrier, a flashlight, a radio, a phone charger, emergency ponchos, hand warmers, googles, a sewing kit, work gloves, and much more.

I just can’t list everything that this amazing kit includes, but it covers everything from first aid treatment, to shelter (includes tube-tent for 2 people and 4 mylar sleeping bags), tools, food and water (comes with food and water that can last for up to 5 years).

Overall, this kit can support up to 4 people for several days even in the worst conditions and disasters. There are similar kits available for 1 person and same kits for up to 6 people.

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6. M2 BASICS 300 Piece First Aid Kit

Another Amazon’s Choice with a score of 4.8/5 from over 2,600 ratings. This kit features a first aid guide, 300 pieces with 40 unique items according to the manufacturer. There’s everything you need for an injury or an emergency at home, work or the outdoors.

The kit includes many different bandages, various tapes, pads and sponges, sterilization supplies, CPR protective device, instant cold compress, tweezers, scissors, mouth and nose protection, gloves, etc. There are also survival supplies, such as compass, emergency blanket, whistle and carabiner. The kit comes with a carry bag, weighs 1.7 pounds and its dimensions are 9” x 3.5” x 6.5”.

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7. Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman Series Bighorn First Aid Kit

This kit is ideal for outdoor use and can serve and help a group of up to 7 people for up to a week. All the supplies inside are separated to treat specific injuries for fast and easy use. There are also detailed instructions from best authorities worldwide.

The kit contains everything to help and treat injuries in outdoor use and activities, like trauma supplies that is vital in order to stop bleeding, stabilize and treat sprains and fractures, close wounds and more. The kit’s dimensions are 9” x 7” x 4” and weighs 1.4 pounds.

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8. Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit

The kit contains 120 supplies to treat injuries, accidents and emergencies. It is fully stocked and organized, so you’ll find whatever you need quickly to save time and for easy application. Comes with a mini-first aid kit, which is very small, lightweight and features 32 different medical supplies.

It’s ideal for home use, at work and the outdoors. Here are just some of the items in this kit: bandages, wipes, sting relief pads, emergency blanket, CPR mask, instant ice pack, compass, sewing kit, trauma shears, PVC gloves, gauzes, whistle, emergency glow stick, tweezers and much more. The kit’s dimensions are 9” x 3” x 6” and weighs 1.2 pounds only.

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9. Monoki First Aid Kit Survival Kit

This kit is a 2-in-1 combo kit. It contains 241 items (219 pieces of medical supplies + 20 pieces of survival tools + one bag + a booklet) to be used both indoors and outdoors. The kit is small, lightweight and waterproof. It can serve you in any emergency case, whether during hiking, camping, climbing, boating, and more.

Here are just some of the items and supplies in this kit: bandages, tweezers, alcohol pads, emergency blanket, multi-function pliers, compass keychain, fire starter, tactical folding knife, LED flashlight with 3 modes, stainless steel saber card, and so forth. This kit weighs only 1.6 pounds.

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10. MFASCO First Aid Kit Emergency Response Trauma Bag

This is a great first aid kit that not only contains 407 items, but also features different emergency diagnostic tools like stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff to easily and quickly check and asses the status of the injured person. The kit also features a CPR mask, EMT scissors, rescue blanket for warmth and sock prevention, glucose gel to treat insulin reaction, eye wash, and much more.

There is, of course, the basic first aid kit that includes everything you know by now (bandages, tweezers, gauzes, and such). The kit is easy to carry and use, and can help you even during natural disasters. Although this kit is a bit heavier than previous kits I’ve talked about (it weighs 5.3 pounds), it really covers all your needs in any type of injury and emergency situation.

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The Reasons You Should Own a First Aid Kit

There is always a chance that you might have an accident or get injured, be it at home, while playing sports, or at the outdoors while hiking, climbing and backpacking. Therefore, as obvious as it may sound, having a first aid kit is a good thing. Let’s list all the reasons why you should own a first aid kit.

  • Everything in one place: A first aid kit contains medicine and equipment to treat injuries and accidents, and to help you during emergencies. When everything is stored in one place, you don’t waste time looking for the medical gear that you immediately require.
  • Quickly handle injuries: Because a first aid kit contains everything vital in emergency situations, you can quickly treat injuries, cuts, burns, etc. with the basic and instant care equipment that the kit offers.
  • Small and easy to carry: Take the first aid kit anywhere, since it’s small and easy to carry in the backpack or the car, or just store it in a drawer at home or at the office.
  • No complication: When having a crisis or a stressful situation, a well-organized first aid kit has everything need to treat any injury, thus avoiding possible complications that can worsen things in the nearest future.
  • Stop of blood loss: Using bandages and gauze from the kit can stop loss of blood that will save life until help arrives.
  • Treat burns: If you happen to suffer a burn, it is imperative to treat it as quickly as possible. A first aid kit has what you need to immediately treat burns and relieve the pain.
  • Treat bug bits and skin irritation: When camping, hiking or engaging in any outdoor activity, getting bitten by a bug is always a possibility. Use the first aid kit to treat those bites and skin irritations.
  • Help friends and family: The first aid kit is essential not only for yourself, but for friends and family who can use it when needed.

Not sure how to help a family member with an injury? Here is a video that shows how you can use the first aid kit contents to help someone else:

How to Choose the Right First Aid Kit

  1. Make sure it includes the basic supplies: A first aid kit must have the basic supplies to treat injuries, cuts, burns, and so forth. These are bandages, creams, plasters, tweezers, and a few more items listed further in this article.
  2. Identify the people who depend on the kit: Think who this kit is for. Is it for kids, yourself, or another family member? Consider the person’s age, where the kit will be stored, and at which situations and activities the kit can be used.
  3. Choose a kit that suits the activity: You can be an outdoors man who enjoys hiking, fishing, climbing mountains or backpacking, or someone who simply enjoys working on the garden at home. Whichever the case is, the first aid kit should fit your activities and have the necessary supplies for any potential injury during the activity.

What Should a First Aid Kit Contain?

First aid kit contents are a true lifesaver. As you know by now, there are many different first aid kits available. Small ones, large ones, for one person, for a family, kids, pets, and more. However, no matter which kit you decide to purchase, it is important that it will be well-stocked, organized and contain the following basic gear:

  • Bandages (can be triangle bandages as well)
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Two sterile eye dressings
  • Sterile gauze dressings (small, medium, large)
  • Safety pins
  • Crepe rolled bandages
  • Plasters
  • Cleansing wipes (alcohol-free)
  • Thermometer
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Sticky tape
  • Sterile gloves (disposable)
  • Skin rash cream
  • Cough medicine
  • Eye bath and eye wash
  • Spray or cream to treat bits and stings from insects
  • Painkillers (Aspirin or Paracetamol)
  • Distilled water (to clean wounds)
  • Antihistamine tablets or cream

Here is a video from PrepMedic that demonstrates how you can build a basic first aid kit:

Final Words

There you have it, the list of the best first aid kits and the reason you should own them. Always remember to keep one nearby, because you can never know what might happen.

In addition to owning a first aid kit, you should learn how to give first aid and how to treat various injuries and wounds. Extreme cold or hot weather can hit you hard, leaving you dehydrated or with a serious frostbite. I invite you read my article on how to survive extreme weather, I am certain that it contains the necessary info you need to deal with nature’s challenges.

Remember, first aid kit is highly important, but it’s not the only item you should have in your backpack or bug-out bag. Feel free to visit my posts on preparedness kits for wildfires and what you should bring to a hiking trip to learn about additional necessary equipment.

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