Going off the Grid: The Complete Guide to Your Personal Freedom

COVID-19. Social unrest. Pollution. Government surveillance.

These and many other modern problems drive more and more people to start living off the grid.

Do you feel the same drive as well? Have you ever wondered what it would be like, going off the grid? Do you dream about living your own life and breathing clean air, away from the dense crowds? Do you want to be your own person, carving your own niche in this world?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then this book is exactly what you need.

“Going off the Grid: The Complete Guide to Your Personal Freedom” by Alexander Rejba provides you with practical and comprehensive information about every possible aspect of off-the-grid living.

The topics covered by this book include:

Financial and mental preparations before you go off the grid

Finding the best places to live off the grid in your country

Discussion of the legality of living off the grid

Buying or building a property and establishing your own homestead

Clean energy
Producing electricity and heating from the sun, wind, or water

How to grow your own food and livestock

Utilizing natural water sources and establishing sanitation systems

How to establish off grid communication and stay connected to the Internet

Vans and RVs
Alternative off grid life: how to live in a van or an RV

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