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How to Prepare for Off Grid Living

Off-grid living demands careful planning and preparation. It’s more than just resigning to a cabin in the woods. You can still enjoy the fruits of civilization while being independent of local power grid, but it takes some serious work. True independence requires dedication and maybe some initial investment. After...
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Off Grid VS On Grid Solar – What is the Difference?

Solar panels are often considered the basics of living off the grid. You produce your own electricity, independently of the country’s power grid. However, recent years saw many solar system owners becoming interested in the on grid option. I decided to “shine some light” on the differences between the...
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Living Off Grid in Canada – Is It Illegal?

Recent years saw a steep rise in people desiring to live off grid in Canada (and the U.S. as well). Consequently, there are a lot of questions and debates where this is legal or not. As a proponent of the off grid living, I did some research to give...
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