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Top 15 Survival Vacations to Challenge Yourself

I have a question: how do you know that you’re prepared for every possible thing coming your way? Are you ready for whatever disaster may or may not visit your area? Have you tested your survival skills in an unfamiliar setting?Well, look no further for answers. I’ve asked around,...
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Basic Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

Modern convenience doesn't begin to describe the effortless way we live today. You can order anything to your home, which you don't even have to leave if you don't want to. However, if the power is knocked out, you lose the Internet, or just get stranded in the wilderness,...
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Why is Shelter Needed for Survival?

Shelter and survival go hand in hand. In my experience, this is what we automatically feel the need for, whether we’re just camping for fun or facing extreme survival challenges.So why is shelter needed for survival? A shelter can protect you from severe conditions, such as extreme heat, cold,...
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The Right Amount of Water to Drink When Hiking

It is said that a person cannot survive without water for more than 3 days. Naturally, you shouldn’t test this limit, especially if you’re hiking. Ask any experienced hiker and you will hear that hydration should be your number one priority.So how much water should you drink when hiking?...
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Best Ways to Purify Water When Camping

Imagine that you’re out there, away from the civilization. Camping, hiking, even escaping whatever disaster, natural or man-made, has struck your town. You find a stream, a water source. Can you drink directly from it, without treating the water? You cannot, the water might be polluted with dangerous pathogens,...
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Survival Qualities: The Necessary Traits of the Survivalist

While preparing for another survivalist challenge, I thought to myself – what does it take to become a successful survivalist, what mindset should any of us possess? After some extensive research, I compiled a list of characteristics and qualities that many survival-minded folks have in common.So, what are the...
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