About The Smart Survivalist

The Smart Survivalist is a blog dedicated to anything related to survivalism, prepping and the outdoors. It was established by me, Alex Rejba. I am passionate about survival skills and challenges, off-the-grid living, hiking, camping and preparing, always preparing. In this blog, I share a lot from my expertise and experience, as well as from the knowledge of my survivalist friends and my research.

With today’s social, financial and national instability, more and more people take interest in the topic of survivalism. And with the government becoming nosier and more overbearing, many prefer the off-grid lifestyle, which is also a much more environmentally cleaner and personally satisfying way to live. The off-the-grid living can be very challenging at first, especially for those of us who have spent most of the life in the urban area. The Smart Survivalist blog can be your source of information and preparation for living off the grid.

In addition, the blog provides its visitors with a lot of info on hiking, camping, exploring the outdoors, what gear is necessary to make your hiking trip the best experience possible, etc. You don’t have to be a survivalist type to enjoy the nature. Hiking is the best hobby and pastime there is.

So stay awhile, see if I can tell you a thing or two you were not aware of until now. The subjects covered by The Smart Survivalist blog are vast, with new posts being constantly added. I am positive that you can find here an answer to a variety of questions.