Recommended Emergency Kits

A survival kit will usually include many of the basic tools that a person needs in order to survive an emergency situation. The kits come in a variety of sizes and styles and will offer protection for warmth, first aid, a means of obtaining water and food, and a rescuers signal so someone can find you.

The survival kit in which you choose will depend on the environment in which you are going to be in when traveling, hunting, hiking or just out for a bike ride.


The Seventy2 Survival System

Rated number one for an emergency preparedness kit, it offers a 20-piece first aid kit, a survival tent that is made of Mylar Thermal, 100 feet of paracord, goggles that are lightweight, a survival knife, all in an external shell that is made of a material called 600-Denier Tarpaulin, to keep everything safe.

The first aid kit that is included contains an emergency care remote bystander CPR unit, which has been proven to double a victim’s chances for survival. It also has plenty of band-aids of all sizes, ointments for stings and burns and plenty of other useful items.

The survival knife in the kit might be the Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 knife that is designed for people who what to learn how to survive in the wild. It has a 4inch blade, with an overall size of 8.75 inches, that is made of one piece of carbon steel and the handle is pinned onto it on both sides. It only weighs 7.75 ounces which makes it easy to handle for skinning, chopping, slicing or whittling. The knife also comes with a handy leather sheath.


The Emergency Zone 4 Person Family Prep Survival 72-Hour Kit

This survival kit is for a family of 4 to be able to survive 72 hours. It stores easily in the trunk of your car or any place around the house. Individuals can have confidence in the kit because the contents are all FEMA compliant.

This kit contains the best survival gear that includes an excellent AM/FM radio, batteries, a substantial first aid kit, light sticks, hygiene kit, two 2-person tube tents, reflective sleeping bags, 5-in one survival whistle, leather palm work gloves, 50 feet of rope and a 48-page emergency preparedness guide, and much more.

The AM/FM radio is for receiving broadcasts in the event of power outage. The radio operates on batteries or solar power. Individuals will be able to stay in touch with the latest news while power is down. You will be able to know if a storm is coming or getting worse or hear if rescuers are on their way to help you. In an emergency, your radio could be your last chance for receiving life-saving critical information.


The Guardian Elite Survival Kit

This emergency preparedness kit has everything you will need for 72 hours. It helps people to have the proper equipment without them having to put the kit together themselves. You will have all the essential supplies that you will need for 72 hours. All the gear is packed nicely into a comfortable backpack with straps.

The kit contains some of the best survival gear including, food, water purification tablets, which will provide nutritional water for 72 hours. An AM/FM radio with headphones, batteries, a rechargeable LED flashlight, 30-hour candle, 12-hour brick stick, waterproof matches, and a survival whistle. It also includes a 2-person tube tent with rope. Hikers backpack with multi-pockets, survival sleeping bag, poncho with hood, 16hr body warmer, 16 function knife, N95 Respirator Dust Mask, sewing kit, work gloves, safety goggles, and a 50-foot nylon rope. There is also a 2-piece deluxe hygiene kit, 65-piece portable first aid kit, infectious waste bag, and a deck of playing cards.

The hygiene pack has deodorant, razor, shave cream, comb, tissue packs, washcloths, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, and wet naps. There are many other hygiene items included. The kit was designed by experts who know all about emergency preparedness for kits.


The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit

This is a lightweight emergency preparedness kit intended to fit easily in the persons existing backpack or bag. It is a great survival kit that will not take up a lot of room in your bag.

It has 16 essential tools that are all in a waterproof bag. It includes a mini light, hand saw, multi-tool, signaling mirror, survival blanket, emergency cord, fire starter, land to air rescue instructions, and a pocket guide to survival.

There are different types of fire starters and one should always be in your backpack or survival kit. Fire gives you comfort as well as be able to have warmth, visible light, and cooking meals. The fire also helps to purify water and wards off predators and annoying insects. Fire starters do not rely on fuel, wood or packaging materials. It is great to have a fire starter around for those times when you forget the matches or lighter.


The S.O.L. Origin Survival Kit by Adventure Medical Kits

This emergency survival kit is intended to help people survive the outdoors longer. It contains the best survival gear and many different tools that are essential to survive the harshest of environments that can be encountered.

The kit is contained in a waterproof case and it includes a fire starter, 150-pound-test nylon braided cord, and a sewing and fishing kit. Military-spec stainless steel wire, a knife that has a folding lock-blade, a signal mirror that flashes and will transmit your location as much as 20 miles away, and a compass.

The lock-blade knife that folds has become a very popular item. It can be carried in your pocket or put on your belt for quick access. Some of the best survival knives would be the Spyderco Paramilitary 2, the Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point Plain Edge and the Ontario Rat ii. There are many more but these will give you an idea of what is out there for a survivor’s knife.

The Spyderco’s Paramilitary 2 is 8.3 inches long with a CPM S30V steel full flat-ground blade which is 3.5 inches long. It has a signature compression lock that is the strongest folding lock in the knife industry.

The Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point Plain Edge is versatile and rugged. It has a comfortable G-10 handle with a 4-inch knife blade made of CTS HP alloy steel.

The Recon 1 has a variety of blade lengths. It comes in a 2,3,4, and 5 ½ inch long blade. It also has a plain, 50/50, and plan options for the blade. People have increased confidence knowing that the knife has a Tri-Ad lock.

Ontario Rat ii knife is a small knife that if you’re looking for a compact lightweight knife this would be the answer. It is dependable and well-built. It has a 7-inch overall length and 4.1-inch blade. The blade edge is full flat taper grind blade.

The blade opens with a reversible thumb stud and is made of AUS-8 steel. It has a clip that can be used by both right and left-handed people and a comfortable nylon handle.

A compass is another essential part of any survival kit. Compasses are lightweight and great for hiking, boating, scouting, camping, and other outdoor activities. Many compasses measure scales in inches and millimeters. Most come with a lanyard hole so it can easily be attached to your backpack or another bag.

Military compasses are waterproof and shake proof so they can survive harsh conditions. They can also fit through belt loops for carrying and be accessible at all time. Some compasses come with an interface that glow-in-the-dark for navigating through the night.

Some compasses have a built-in distance calculator to help individuals plan the routes they wish to take. Errors are decreased with the built-in bubble level which gives high accuracy readings.


The Mayday Earthquake Kit

This is also known as the 2-person 72-Hour Emergency Honey Bucket Kit. This kit is the premier earthquake-readiness kit available. If you live in an area known to have earthquakes, you should have one of these kits handy at all times. You should have one in the home on each level and one in every car.

This emergency survival kit contains a 54-piece first aid kit, 2400 calorie food bars, 12-hour light stick, three packs of water, waterproof matches, gas, and water shut off tools, utility knife, water purification tablets, ponchos and dust masks, pry bar, disinfectant, duct tape, and much more. It is the type of kit that will come in handy for any situation during an earthquake, hurricane or flood.

This kit is for two people so you should have one kit for every two people in the home. It also contains a loud brass metal whistle. It all comes in a big bucket that is easy to store anywhere.


The 4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe by Survival Prep Warehouse

Perfect for the small family of 4, this kit helps you be prepared for hurricanes, fires, floods, and earthquakes. This deluxe kit is a 72-hour kit that comes in a convenient duffel bag. It contains safety items, gas shut off tools and first aid supplies. It also has 48 pouches of water and food bars that have a shelf life of 5 years that have 200 calories each. There are emergency ponchos, survival candles, a flashlight that can be hand-squeezed to recharge the battery, and body warmers that will last 20 hours.


The Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

This kit has three Gerber knives. It has the LMF II Infantry, the Epic and DMF Folder. It also has two Gerber machetes. The Gator Machete Pro and the Gator Machete. It includes the Parang Machete, which is a 17.5-inch Freescape Hatchet, and ax called the Camp II High-Performance Axe. All this comes in a nice canvas case with a handle for easy transport.

Machetes come in two different styles. One is a lightweight, long thin blade. It is designed for cutting soft vegetation down. The thick heavier blade that is short, is better for the copping of wood. There are many different styles and each person needs to decide which one is best for their own use.


The Sportsman Series Bighorn First Aid Kit

The Sportsman Series is created by Adventure Medical Kits and is meant for fishermen, hunters, and others that are out in the wilderness. The kit is supplied with items needed to treat common injuries out in the wild.

The kit contains sterile bandages that will treat blisters, small wounds, and burns. It has the CPR face shield, essential tools for sprains and fractures along with common medications. It also has a Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine inside. The guide included helps you to recognize life-threatening conditions and how to use your medical kit properly. This kit helps you to give quality care for up to seven people for up to a week.

Everything comes in a bright orange case that has a removable waterproof Field Trauma Kit. This is used for trips away from the campsite and can treat penetration wounds from arrows and bullets. It can remove fish hooks, stop severe bleeding with QuikClot, has splint fractures, self-adhering elastic bandages, and trauma pads. The kit has secure see-through compartments that will let you see what is in each compartment. This will get you to the needed equipment quickly.


The GetReadyNow 2+ Person Deluxe Car Emergency Kit

If your car breaks down, or you get stuck in a bad snow storm, you will be prepared to survive with this emergency kit in your car. It stows away in your car until the time comes when you need the supplies.

This emergency survival kit is a deluxe kit that comes in a heavy-duty dry bag that is clear and keeps supplies from getting wet. You will be able to find what you need through its clear texture. It will fit conveniently under the car seat. It includes 4 Millennium food bars, a LED headlamp along with the batteries, LED glow sticks, Mylar blankets, waste disposal bags, ponchos, and 46-piece first aid kit.

A great LED headlamp will help you find the needed tools for fixing a flat or getting out of your tent to find the restroom. There are many different excellent headlamps to choose from that will fit comfortably on your head. When not in use they fit fine around your neck. Some headlamps will have features like a three-level power meter that will display how much battery life you have left, or be waterproof, or have distances that you need in a headlamp.


Note: survival kits may end up with a few extra items that you might not need at the moment, but the important things like the fire starter, food, water, blankets, and the tube tents come in handy no matter what situation you are facing. Survival kits nowadays have been customized by experts, so the kits contain the critical supplies needed in case of a major disaster.