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Preparedness Kit for Wildfires: What You Must Include

Wildfires have always been a real threat, an unstoppable force that can take away your property in minutes. They have become especially frequent recently, due to the climate changes and the temperature rise. When the heat is literally around the corner, you must be prepared to leave on a...
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Best Ways to Purify Water When Camping

Imagine that you’re out there, away from the civilization. Camping, hiking, even escaping whatever disaster, natural or man-made, has struck your town. You find a stream, a water source. Can you drink directly from it, without treating the water? You cannot, the water might be polluted with dangerous pathogens,...
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The Best Time to Hike – The Definite Answer

Hiking is a personal passion of mine. Nothing beats just going out there, into the wild, spending good quality time with yourself, your friends and nature. But I often wonder (as I wander): what are the best conditions for a casual hiker, as far as seasons and day hours...
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Survival Qualities: The Necessary Traits of the Survivalist

While preparing for another survivalist challenge, I thought to myself – what does it take to become a successful survivalist, what mindset should any of us possess? After some extensive research, I compiled a list of characteristics and qualities that many survival-minded folks have in common.So, what are the...
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