Survival knives can be a vitally important tool in a variety of situations. Whether roughing it in the woods or prepping for the worst, a good Tactical pocket knife will serve you through thick and thin. While it’s easy to get lost in the claims of the Best pocket knife brands, all clamoring the benefits of their survival knives, it’s important to do the research in order to find the best Tactical pocket knife for you. You have to put aside all the claims of the Best pocket knife brands, and figure out which of the many types of survival knife on the market is going to fulfill your needs.

Boot Knife

A boot knife is exactly what it says on thee label: a Tactical pocket knife designed to be easily concealed in a boot. Boot knives are easy to conceal, both because of their namesake hiding spot, and because they can also be slipped into a belt, under a pant leg, or worn around the neck. Typically, these knives are double-edged and up to five inches long, boot knives are not the best candidate for a primary survival knife. However, boot knives are incredibly easy to conceal and carry naturally in places that are ease of access, making them a prime candidate for a trusted backup knife for situations where you might find yourself backed into a corner. After all, nature isn’t the only thing you can brandish a knife at for your own protection and a boot knife would be an excellent go to when confronted by mugger or some other threat to your personal safety. The same might be said of any knife, but the boot knife has the strength in concealment to back it up.

Buck Hunting (Survival) Knife

The buck knife is an excellent multipurpose knife that can help you skin, chop, build, or defend yourself. Featuring a fixed blade, making them overall a sturdier choice when it comes to wear and tear, the buck knife was not intended for hunting, but rather for skinning the game once it’s down for the count. While intended for hunting originally, a buck knife features a slightly thicker blade than normal hunting knives in order to be used for chopping, building, or other tasks necessary in a survival situation.

Combat Survival Knife

A simple fact: everyone runs out of bullets eventually. Which means military enthusiasts might be interested in a combat survival knife. Used by every level of the armed forces, a combat survival knife is designed to be handy in a variety of situations. This type of knife is designed to be durable so that it can be a long lasting useful tool that can safe a life in a sticky situation. Whether you’re on the battlefield or out in the back country, a combat knife will likely serve you exceptionally well through a variety of hairy situations.

Military Survival Knife

Another option for military enthusiasts is any of the preferred knifes of the U.S. Military. The branches tend to have their own unique choices for standard issue military knives, so there’s a decent selection to choose from. The official USMC fighting knife is a 7″ Ka-Bar knife, for example. A gun is easily the most obvious tool when it comes to soldiers, but a fixed blade knife has so many more uses in situations where a gun simply is not effective. A gun can suffer from breakdown or running out of ammunition. A good, fixed blade knife isn’t going to have those issues. A Military survival knife can be used for everything from digging a hole to food preparation. A knife can easily help a soldier survive on the battlefield, or help you through an intense camping trip deep in the wilderness.

Rambo Survival Knife

A Rambo knife is most often a hollow handle survival knife with a serrated edge. The Rambo knife rose to popularity in part due to the movies, in which Vietnam veteran John Rambo is seen through out them wielding a large survival knife. The movie series not only associates this survival knife with a paragon of survival and masculinity, but displays many uses of the survival knife throughout the series.

Folding Survival Knife

When it comes to durability and reliability, a folding survival knife isn’t the first on the tongue, but when it comes to convenience you’ll be hard pressed to find anything superior to it. What folding survival knives lack in strength, they make up for by being able to slip easily into a pocket. Perfect for the gap where carrying a large survival knife simply isn’t feasible, a folding survival knife is perfect for having on hand. After all, having a knife on you and not needing it is better than not having one with you when it turns out that you do need it.

Tactical Knife

A tactical knife is one knife where you don’t want to compromise on quality because it must work both as a tool and as a weapon. Designed with the intent to be useful in completing household chores or parachuting into a thick jungle in the dead of night,a tactical knife is a reliable tool to have on hand. Another knife that was designed with our troops in mind, tactical knives may not be exciting to look at, but they are designed to last and offer a variety of materials that will let you cater to how much abuse your knife takes and how often you want to sharpen in. These knives are less likely to break in a life or death situation, and will serve you well throughout their life.

Tanto Knife

Even though the Tanto Knife style was popularized in the eighties by Cold Steel, the history can be traced back to Japan where it was a traditional blade designed to pierce armor. Also known as the Japanese short sword, the tanto knife resembles a samurai sword and is strong enough to withstand repeated use. It features a reinforced end that makes the blade incredibly strong and the knife tip incredibly difficult to damage. Since the tanto knife is based after the traditional blade, it stands to reason that this knife inherited some of the piercing skills that it’s history boasts and can easily hold up to tasks that another survival knife might not be up to. The tip has a chisel like effect to it that is perfect for prying or scraping. Cold Steel continues to produced the highest quality of tanto knives on the market.

The Ultimate Survival Knife and Survival Knife Kits

The Best pocket knife brands might try and lay claim to the title of Ultimate Survival Knife, but that’s a title that comes with a lot of personal opinions attached to it. For example, a survival knife kit is a knife that comes with a sheath and a hollow handle with as screw on cap that can store items such as a compass, matches with striking pad, fish hooks with leader, wire ring saw, and a sharpening stone. However, this quantity of useful items come at the price of quality, and such knives are often poorly made and won’t last you a very long time. Sacrificing durability for convenience might be the best choice for you. On the other hand, a durable and strong survival knife might be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

The ultimate survival knife is the knife that you feel will best serve you through the variety of tasks you might need it for. There are several key factors to keep in mind when choosing the knife that will become your ultimate survival knife. When you start to shop for your ultimate survival knife, it would be wise to keep these six details in mind:

1. Size

the size of the blade will greatly influence what you can use the blade for. As stated earlier, the boot knife is only five inches long on average at the maximum. In survival you want a blade that’s small enough to be precise but big enough to complete more rugged tasks like chopping. The usual length you should be keeping in mind is nine to eleven inches, because that will give you the widest usage range.

2. Blade

You can get a folding blade knife, but as stated several times already you’ll be trading durability for convenience. A fixed blade has a much stronger lead in durability when it comes to the long haul, especially when it comes to tasks like chopping, batoning, and splitting. A fixed blade will stand up better to abuse than a folding knife will. Ultimately, a folding knife will break on you if you use it enough for survival. While great for day to day carry, a fixed blade knife is much better than a folding blade when it comes to the more intense side of survival.

3. Tang

The tang is the part of the blade that is wrapped in the handle. There are full tangs, partial tangs, rat tail tangs, and hidden tangs available, but the best choice for survival is commonly cited as the full tang. With a full tang, you can see traces of the metal all around the handle, where as the other three don’t most as much metal in the handle. This makes a major difference in durability, and a knife with a full tang is going to be much sturdier than a knife with a partial or hidden tang. A full tang knife can also be salvaged better than a partial tang in the chance that the handle breaks off. A partial tang with a broken handle can become dangerous and inadvisable to use, but a full tang can be wrapped in cord and continue working as well as before the handle broke. The price goes up with a full tang, but it’s a price increases that pays off in the end by amplifying durability and longevity.

4. Tips

The tip of the knife can make a huge difference. While it might be tempting to get a knife that has a cool design to the blade, the levels of badassery you feel the knife gives you aren’t worth it when the blade turns out to sacrifice function in order to be unique. When it comes to a decent survival knife, you’re probably not looking for something that would be better suited as a Halloween accessory. You’ll find a trustworthy and useful tip in a spearpoint or drop point. Sacrificing the funky style of a blade for the more classic spearpoint or drop point means you’ll fare better when using your knife for self defense or when you’re using your knife for fine point work.

5. Blade Type

There are three main types of blade that have their own unique benefits and detriments, and can be matched together with ease. Double Edged knives, straight edged knives, and serrated knives each have their own strengths when it comes to survival, but for certain tasks like batoning a straight edged knife is preferable. A straight edge or single edged knife has a flat side that you can use in batoning or for detailed control without worry of loosing cutting power or slicing your hand open. While double edge and serrated blades offer a cool look to them without sacrificing durability and usefulness too much, the straight edge still has a strong lead against them.

6. Butt of Handle

The blade isn’t the only part of the knife that can be used as a tool. The butt of the handle can be an excellent substitute for a light hammer. The best option is a flat butt when it comes to knives, because having the option to use your knife as a hammer will let you drive stakes into the ground with ease and use your life like a punch by hitting the bottom of it with a chunk of wood. a hammer is a useful tool to have, and styling your knife to act as a substitute for a knife means you’ll have one less item to carry with you or worry about in an emergency situation.

At the end of it all, there is a lot to consider when you’re choosing the survival knife of your dreams. Whether you’re a military-grade enthusiast, a knife collector, or a seasoned survivalist used to roughing it in the deep wilderness, there is a survival knife that can fit all your desires possible. While the options on the market might seem overwhelming at times and it might be tempting to grab a knife that has strong advertising and branding, doing your research in order to find the best possible knife for you will always pay out.

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