Some of the best survival shelters come in different sizes and packages. Emergency shelter is a must in times of extreme conditions when Mother Nature turns loose. The best tents and shelters have all the safety features to keep the people inside safe from danger. Here are twenty of the best survival shelters and some of the best tents to have in an emergency.

Allegro Economy Work Tent

These tents are designed for industrial sites. It is quick to set up and secure. The bottom has four overlapping corners for security and stability. There is no floor inside the tent because it is used in work areas such as excavation sites or placed over a manhole cover. It provides the best possible shelter for workers who have to endure the inclement weather patterns on a daily basis.

Allegro Deluxe Work Tent

This is the second type of tent made for workers who have to work in confined spaces. It is used over manhole covers or excavation sites. For entry, there is a roll-up flap and it is convenient for setting up and storing. The frame is made of fiberglass so the fabric does not tear. It has a pitched roof making it easy for the workers to walk underneath. There are rods and hinges for the frame which are made of steel for added stability. The tent has a covered window in the back with a blower duct tube for anyone working in the confined space area. This work tent has the option of a single or double door and two sizes, 6′ X 6′ or 8′ X 8′.

Life Systems Survival Shelter 2

This tent works well for all campers or anyone who may be stranded in the middle of nowhere. It holds up to two people inside, and it can be a lifesaver in emergency situations. If anyone is caught by the cold weather, it creates a warm internal microclimate for the bi-standards. It is bright orange in color, so it is easy to spot from afar. This is one of the best tents for hikers who may get in a bind when the temperatures drop.

Tube Tents

Tube Tents are one-piece tents which are well insulated, they have floors, and are easy to spot with its bright orange color. The insulation is an aluminized coating and the fabric is nylon. It is designed to set up in between post or trees and comes with 23′ of rope and 4 – 9″ stakes made of zinc-plated steel. The dimensions are 82″ X 36″ and sleep, two people. Tube tents come in handy for emergency shelters and camping.

Military Army Outdoor Large BaseCamp Tent

These tents are used to house the military and are capable of sleeping six people comfortably. The frame is made of steel, and there are two entrances with four screened windows for keeping the bugs out. There is a thick 100% polyethylene groundsheet to the tent which adds to the comfort for our military. It is waterproof with the seams taped up and the outer is made with polyester which is polyurethane coated. The dimensions are 340x310x180cm and weighs 20kg. There is a water column flysheet which is 1500mm. This tent is made specifically for the military but anyone can purchase and use it to fit their outdoor needs.

Vango Storm Shelter 800

This is one of the most durable shelters created and they are perfect for hikers in the toughest weather conditions. This shelter holds 8 people safely, and it is bright orange in color with reflectors. It has a porthole for the persons inside to check the weather conditions outside. The seams are taped, and the shelter is completely waterproof from the floor to the roof. There are flysheet vents with mesh to eliminate condensation and add ventilation inside the emergency shelter. It can be placed on the ground in wet conditions and remain dry inside. This shelter can be set up within one minute and has thick insulation to keep the interior warm in the coldest temperatures.

Rab Bothy 2 Person Group Shelter

This shelter is made from waterproof and windproof polyester fabric and has seats on the inside which are also waterproof. It holds 2 people and is used for camping and emergency situations. There are vents and windows to keep ventilation going and for checking weather conditions. The color is bright orange with reflective piping for visibility.

Rab Bothy Group Shelter

When traveling anywhere in large groups, this shelter is adequate for any situation. It holds eight to ten people and has the same features as the 2 person group shelter. The shelter is windproof and waterproof. It is easy to unpack and pack into its stuff sack. The roof has recesses and the sides have windows and vents for the proper ventilation. The color is also bright orange so it can be spotted in bad weather or fog. The entire group can remain comfortable while waiting out a storm or waiting for the sun to come up. It is well insulated to keep the warm in and the cold out so everyone can stay safe.

Mylar Emergency Shelter Backpacking Tent

Used as a blanket and a tent, this can be a cheap lifesaver. The Mylar Tent is under ten bucks. It is lightweight and silver in color. When used with a sleeping bag, this tent makes a good shelter and keeps the body warm. The tent is made for all four seasons, and the dimensions are 96″ X 60.”

Star Home Pop Up Tent

Nothing can go faster than 5 seconds. That is how long it takes to set up this family tent. All windows and the door has a mesh covering to keep the bugs out and ventilation in. This tent has a double door for the entrance. It is designed for 3 seasons only and is not meant for use during the cold seasons. Space inside hold three to four people comfortably and it is made high quality and long lasting. There are a few choices for the colors only as it comes in blue and black or yellow and black.

Core Cabin Tent

This tent can be set up in sixty seconds flat. It is ideal for the family or a large friendly gathering and holds up to nine people. Two queen sized mattresses can easily fit inside and are the perfect height for anyone to stand up comfortably. The outer material is waterproof and it has an adjustable vent on the ground. Inside there are dividers for separate rooms and the walls have pockets for storing stuff and keeping everything organized. It comes with all the setup devices and has a port for an electrical cord which closes when it is not in use.

Coleman Montana Tent

This tent holds up to eight people comfortably and comes in blue, black, and green. The dimensions are 16’x17’x74,” and all the poles are made of fiberglass which keeps everything lightweight. It is shaped like a dome when setup and has reverse angle windows. There is a port for an electrical cord to be used that closes when not in use. Seams are inverted to keep the rain and morning dew from coming inside. The tent is great for families and large friendly gatherings out in the woods and has a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Core Instant Cabin Tent

This tent is designed to hold up to 12 people comfortably and the name says it all. It is an “instant” set up. In less than two minutes this tent is ready for use. There is mesh on the ceiling with a water repellent rainfly. This allows the parties to enjoy the moon and stars at night without all the bugs and can keep the people inside dry when it is raining. There is an air intake vent which is adjustable for soaking up the cool air from the ground while the warm air escapes the mesh ceiling. Two doors come with the tent. One is in the front and the other is on the side of the tent. There are also room dividers for the multiple people, and it comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Core Dome Tent

This tent is made of polyester and holds six people comfortably. There is a ground vent which is adjustable and has a hook to hold a lantern for light. It also comes with pockets for storage and organizing and it has a one-year limited warranty.

Frabill Citadel Insulated Ice Shelter

Perfect for ice fishing, these shelters are made with a two-door SideStep Entry. This shelter holds two to three fisherman or women, and it has a thermo-formed base to keep the warmth inside. It has a lightweight alloy frame, and the weight is kept to a minimum in its structure but still remains durable and warm inside.

Eskimo Pop-Up Ice Shelter

This shelter is known as the very first pop up ice shelter which is used for ice fishing or for anyone who is stuck in freezing temperatures. It is quick and easy to set up and holds up to six people comfortably.

Eskimo EVO Crossover Ice Shelter

Most shelters have metal poles for the frames. This shelter is easy to set up and move around with fiberglass poles. It holds only one person who is interested in ice fishing. There is an open area for the entrance and is mostly placed where it can block the wind. It has four corner flaps which make it easy to secure to the ground.

TornadoSafe Underground Garage Shelter

Many of the best survival shelters are portable. This one, however, is not. Not many buildings can survive natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. This shelter makes a huge difference whether a person can survive a natural disaster or not. It is meant to be kept nearby the home and underground. The features are heavy duty steel. There is a secondary hatch to enter or exit in case of emergencies. Seven people are able to fit comfortably inside and everything has been tested for durability and impact tested. It is leak proof, vacuum tested, pressure tested, and has a built-in ventilation system on the door.

Storm Shelter Underground Bunker

The dimensions of this shelter are 8’x20’x6.’ It has a 10-year warranty for any corrosion or leaks and the structure has 1/4″ steel all the way around. The bunker is able to withstand an EF5 tornado and is up to par with FEMA standards. There is a seal around the door and a deadbolt lock for security. The vent caps have screens to keep debris from flying inside the bunker, and shelves or hooks can be added as an additional option for an extra cost. There are two doors on each side of the bunker, and the door is gas assisted for easy lifting. The interior is gray and the outside is a charcoal color.

Safe Room Storm Shelter

The dimensions to this shelter are 42″X6,’ and it is kept inside a business, camp, or home. It is capable to withstand an EF5 tornado and winds up to 250mph. The structure can hold two to three people, and it was tested for durability at the Texas Tech University’s Wind Research Lab. It has a 3/16 steel plate all the way around and is oval in shape. There is an 8″ air vent for ventilation, and the door is channel reinforced with three hinges which are heavy duty.

Owning Emergency Shelters A person never knows when severe weather can strike. So it is wise to be prepared for the worse and look into owning one. These shelters are vital along with survival kits and have been proven to save lives.

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